Rig Mats


All of our rig mats provide a stable, safer work surface for people working in various industries including oil and gas, construction, public works, special events, aviation and even disaster relief situations.  Kyote Energy Services rig mats have been used as temporary roadways, helipads, base camp ground cover, working platforms and in many other applications that require a safe, stable surface for heavy vehicles and equipment. Our rig mats are available in lengths of 20ft and 40ft.

Swamp Mats


In the remote exploration and resource extraction business, getting there is half the battle. Kyote Energy Serviecs is in the business of helping our clients get in and out to remote locations safely and effectively using our swamp mats for rent.  Our lightweight but durable modular swamp and access mat systems are well built, easy to install and easy on the terrain.

Crane Mats


These crane mats are fashioned from 8″ timbers bolted together

Construction Mats


Construction matting is thicker than other models, and is designed to resist water absorption. These rugged mats last longer than others as well.

Hybrid Mats


By adding the outside top and bottom oak edge boards to our high-quality swamp mats and crane field mats, we effectively reduce wear and tear from the installation and removal of the mats, thus providing for greater duration, season after season.

Fir Solid Top Mats


This mat does not have a gap in it, and it consists of three layers of 2′ x 8′ fir wood. The boards are placed close together so there are no gaps, resulting in better traction.  

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